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The National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU) is the voice of the Canadian mailing industry.  NAMMU represents the business interests of end users and the supplier infrastructure from concept to execution

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To our members:
With the Ontario government requiring all non-essential workplaces to close for two weeks as of midnight tonight, where does the print and mail industry fit? NAMMU has reviewed the current conditions and provides the following update to its members. Please be aware this information is not intended to provide legal advice and municipalities may have stricter rules than the province.

The list of essential workplaces includes the following, from the Ontario government’s website, as of March 24, 2020:

Supply Chains:
1. Businesses that supply other essential businesses or essential services with the support, supplies, systems or services, including processing, packaging, distribution, delivery and maintenance necessary to operate;

Manufacturing and Production:
20. Businesses, facilities and services that support and facilitate the two- way movement of essential goods within integrated North American and Global supply chains;

Other Businesses:
63. Businesses providing mailing, shipping, courier and delivery services, including post office boxes;
(Government of Ontario, March 24, 2020)

As well, the following letter was published by the United States Postal Service on March 23, 2020:

This letter is to provide information regarding the functions being performed by the mailing and printing industry in support of the essential government services being provided by the United States Postal Service to the American people.


Postal and shipping workers, including those in the private sector, are also considered essential critical infrastructure workers” and that “such industries have a special responsibility to maintain normal work schedules.

The functioning of the postal system depends critically on the mailing and printing industry. Members of the mailing and printing industry work with the public and private sector to create, print, and enter essential mail into the postal system. The industry also serves a vital role in ensuring that packages are able to be efficiently shipped from sender to recipient.

Therefore, the Postal Service considers that the continued operations of the mailing and printing industry in enabling the delivery of critical mail and packages is vital to the Postal Service’s continued performance of its essential functions.

(USPS, March 23, 2020)

Mail and parcel delivery are a vital communication method. It is clear from the Ontario government listing and the USPS letter that print and mail are essential services and workplaces may remain operational.

We know the safety and security of your staff is of paramount importance and each company must make the best decisions it can in these unparalleled circumstances. If your organization will continue to provide essential services during the next two weeks, it is critical to ensure all health and safety precautions are taken to prevent potential exposure of your employees to the virus. There are many resources available to businesses but this one from the City of Toronto provides an excellent overview of the requirements for non-healthcare workplaces.


NAMMU will continue to update members with relevant information as it becomes available. Our Executive Director, Patrick Bartlett, is available by e-mail at for further information.

Stay safe!